Tuesday, April 6, 2010

good look for less: Abby, working mom!

Welcome to GOOD LOOK FOR LESS week here on the blog... while I'm enjoying some family time for Spring Break, you all get oodles of wardrobe inspiration from wardrobe consults I have recently completed... enjoy!


Abby emailed recently wanted to spruce up her look a bit. She is my age (early (very early) thirties) with a little one at home and a full time job. Busy, busy, busy! She wants to look and feel put-together and wanted outfits that could easily take her from her casual work environment to everything else involved in being a working mom - errands, play dates, etc. She had a budget of $300.

My goal for Abby was to offer her a casual, chic and mix and match friendly wardrobe that would make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. Here's a look at her shopping list: (click the image for the whole list)

When shopping for a mix and match friendly closet I have a couple of suggestions. Great neutral bottoms is the perfect starting point. If you need pants or trousers for a business casual office setting, I suggest Ann Taylor LOFT - the quality to the price point is amazing.

If you've been reading the blog for a while you will know that I am mad about white pants for the spring and summer. They are so figure flattering and go with anything. And they make any colors you are wearing with them just "pop" - they are such a no-brainer. Gold accessories and white pants I am officially naming the two "no-brainers" of spring!

Here is a quick illustration for you on how to make your business casual wardrobe work as your just casual wardrobe as well. Here is an outfit for work...

And pretty much the same outfit for weekends or after work... now if it's warm enough you can ditch the jacket, but this is what I mean about mix and match friendly - buy pieces that can work with several outfits in several settings.

Another little tip I have is to buy a dress that is a similar color or hue to a top you already have in your closet... it's a short cut to putting together great outfits. Because you can style the dress similar to the top and voila! Instant outfit! At first it may seem boring to pull out similar colors, but once you continue to build your wardrobe similar colors will just all blend in to your overall look.

Happy Shopping Abby!


Interested in more information on my wardrobe consultation services? Click here... or email me with any questions at goodlifeforless @ gmail (you know the rest - trying to avoid spammers!)


Jessica Hills said...

I love these! I really loved your last ones too...Your blog is definitely one of my very favorites!

Gaby Córdova said...

I love your blog!!! Greetings from Nuevo León, México!!

Abby said...

Can I comment on my own wardrobe? :) These ideas gave me so much guidance. I have purchased about 1/3 of the items and already feel more put together every day. I will definitely do a consultation again, and love following the blog.

Boy Crazy said...

Ooh- this one is perfect for me. I was set for winter work clothes but as it has gotten warmer I've been thinking that I need to add to the wardrobe a little. Great timing!

xo elizabeth

karen said...

Thank heavens I got my tiered ruffle tank before they sold out! Whew! It is definitely one of my new favorite things and now, thanks to you, I have more ideas on what to do with it!


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