Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reader Question: How to Style this Dress?

It's another "reader question" today! One of my favorite features here on the blog... I just love to get emails from my readers and be able to connect with you all and this is a great way to do it!

I personally think that styling formal dresses can be one of the toughest wardrobe challenges. The challenge is getting is "just right" - letting the dress do it's job (of making your body look fabulous) and letting the accessories play their role of playing up for your other physical attributes (neckline, hair, legs, etc). Often times it's easy to go overboard and look like formal road-kill instead of red carpet glamorous.

Reader, Kara, emailed me recently with some tips on how to style this bridesmaids' dress for an upcoming wedding she is standing up in. Here's her email:

I'm going to be in a good friend's wedding this June and she's selected this dress for us bridesmaids (see below). The color is "lemon"... it doesn't seem quite as bold in person. It's a cute dress, kind of Mad Men-esque and very figure-flattering. The bride has given us free reign as far as shoes, jewelry, hair... and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to style it! It would also be awesome if you had any advice for wearing it after the wedding in a way that made it look... well, less like a bridesmaid's dress!

Here's the look I pulled together for Kara:

1. Watters & Watters Bridesmaid Dress.
2. Metal Works Corsage Necklace, Anthropologie, $38
Because I don't know the exact "wedding colors" (if there are any) and I don't want her to be in conflict with any other themes of the wedding I chose antique inspired pieces that are beautiful yet neutral. This necklace is just stunning and could easily be worn after the wedding with other outfits. I love the neckline on the dress and this necklace compliments it beautifully.
This shoe is just gorgeous while, as I mentioned before, being perfectly neutral. It is a classic formal shoe to keep in your wardrobe and wear for years to come as needed.
4. Cluster Flower Hair Combs, Forever 21, $5.50
Keeping in line with the antique feel of the accessories I chose these gorgeous hair combs. They are timeless and beautiful and easily added to an up-do hairstyle.
5. Speaking of up-do hairstyles. I love the chic yet effortless feel of this style. I'm no hair pro - but I am sure any hairstylist could easily accomplish a style similar to this one. It would be a beautiful compliment, again, to the neckline of this dress.

Have fun at the wedding Kara... and thank you so much for your email!


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deyoungsters said...

wow- thank you!! this will be perfect... you're so talented! :) I'm actually not sure if there are "wedding colors" either, so this is great. :) I can't wait to go buy my accessories now!

karen said...

I think I like the hair combs for everyday! Hair accessories don't make it onto my head very often...but those might!

Cat said...

Great look! I love, love the buttercup color of that dress it reminds me a spring daffodils:)


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