Monday, February 8, 2010

thoughts of spring.

I have been getting the most emails lately about what to wear for spring. And believe you me, there is nothing I am more excited for than spring. But with temps still at or below freezing in these parts, I can't yet in good conscience start suggesting a lot of spring wear. It's just too much of a tease!

(However, I will have so pre-spring stuff happening around spring break... for all you "break-ers" heading to warmer temps for a vacay!)

I am making one exception today, though, for a trend I can't help but noticing popping up in all the stores - ANORAKS. Plus, this look is great for transitional wear from winter to spring. These anoraks are casual and high on style and great for layering over a sweater or pairing with a scarf to keep you warm until the temps start to rise for good. (click pictures for shopping details)

Forever 21, $36.90

Gap, $59.50

Kenneth Cole, $98


ps. my computer decided to call it quits yesterday. The gut wrenches and heart palpitations haven't quit yet. I am using my husband's laptop before he wisks it off to work with him for now. If posting is light for the next few that's why... all my apologies!


Kelly said...

I like the look of the first one best, wish I could see it on someone! You should buy it and model it for us!

sara said...

Have you seen the new jackets from Lands End? They are really cute.

ms. less is always more said...

Kelly, great idea! I'll get right on that ;)

Sara, which ones do you speak of? Lands End is always great for classics!

karen said...

I'll take #1 please! (p.s. F21 for kids is awe.some...thanks for the link!)

sara said...

It's Landsend new rain collection, check it out. Lots of really cute colors and styles.

Magchunk said...

I was totally thinking about these the other day. Love them paired with sparkly or dressy things!


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