Monday, February 22, 2010

my outfit: winter blahs?!

Can I just tell you that I am officially SICK of this cold weather. I feel uninspired in the wardrobe department for sure. My top goal each day is to dress warm enough so I am not shivering in the house all day (even with the heat on!). Seems easy enough, but it's not. My shoulders are up to my ears by the end of the day from shivering.

And then when it comes to getting myself and the kids out of the house all bundled up. Forget about it. It's so exhausting! So that is why my outfits end up looking like this more often than not... a little blah, a little uninspired.

And by the way... the jury is out on the trapeze top. I mean it feels GREAT wearing it... but with the objectivity of taking photos of myself, well, I'm a bit torn. (and I am NOT fishing for compliments here) But this style top is all over the stores, but definitely a bit tough to pull off.

Sometimes my son is in the "wings" of my photo shoots, giving me outlandish tips. The kid wishes I was Madonna in Vogue. Too funny. Also, these jeans need hemming - sheesh - and ironing too. I'm a wreck. Dang, objectivity is a you-know-what.

Also, I'm headed out for a haircut/color tonight - YIPPEE!! I'm trying something new with blunt bangs. Wish me luck!

Sweater, F21
Jeans, Gap (grey no longer available)
Bangles, F21
Flats, Old Navy (similar)


Kelly said...

Hmm.... in the second picture, I'm not a huge fan of how it hangs straight down from the chest - if I wore it with my large chest, I would definitely look like I was hiding a pregnant belly under there I think. I like the third picture where your arm is holding it in though - does it work with a belt? Or does it get too bunchy?

Good luck with the haircut!

Cathy said...

Spring is around the corner (at least I keep telling myself that!) When I just want to be warm and cozy, my choice of footwear is UGGs. Even indoors - they are my winter slippers.
You are brave to be wearing flats. They are cute though!~

molly said...

maybe leggings and heels?
the jury is out, i can't decide if i like or not...

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I like the top, but I think it'd be really cute belted! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Glad to see other Michigan girls out there! :)

Boy Crazy said...


They're going to be darling, I'm sure. Woot!

Nicole said...

It is a cute top, but there is something about it that doesn't seem right. I'm not sure if it is the overall cut of the shirt, or the pattern combined with the cut. It almost makes you appear wider in the hips than you really are. I saw some people comment on a belt. Maybe that would work?

I dunno, though. I'm definitely no expert!


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