Wednesday, February 17, 2010

good LOOK for less: EXPRESS, Sarah!

Today's good LOOK for less EXPRESS consult is for Sarah... here's a portion of her note to me:

I've been out of college now for two months and am stuck in a style rut! My wardrobe feels so bland with lots of cardigans and plain shirts to mix and match for every occasion from job interviews to movie nights at home and my part time job. My job interview wear feels especially bland. Can you help me find a way to marry style and professionalism in a way that will give me some extra confidence (and maybe help me stand out a little more) during my job hunt?

This is such a common dilemma for people... finding great interview wear. And believe me, what you wear to an interview DOES matter. Even if your interviewer doesn't notice your exact shoes or shirt, your total first impression WILL be about what you are wearing - so it's important to do it right!

The basis to any interviewing wardrobe and working wardrobe is a solid business suit. Eventually you may want to purchase more, but one great fitting, all season fabric two piece suit in a neutral color will get your through this interview, potential promotions, client meetings and maybe even your next interview!

I particularly LOVE Ann Taylor LOFT suits. The quality definitely matches the price point and the cuts are conservative enough to be timeless. Don't forget to get the jacket arms or pant legs hemmed as needed. This is an investment piece! Adding some simple jewelry will show your personal style, but remember to go more conservative than you usually would for an interview. You want them to see your resume... not your cleavage, your bottom or your crazy earrings.
Ann Taylor Loft at ShopStyle

While a suit is a great option for a first interview... I like to match the setting of the office that I am interviewing in for the second interview. If the office is business casual, it's fine to dress more like you would in that setting for this interview. Business mix and match pieces like this blazer and trousers show style and sophistication while still being practical and conservative.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Skirts are a great option for interviewing as well. Keep them conservative and tasteful. By adding layers and accessories to this outfit you look pulled together, sophisticated and smart!
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Happy Shopping Sarah! And good luck at your interviews!


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Anonymous said...

I love that ruffled top on the top left of your last inspiration board. Gorgeous!

Nicole said...

What great mood boards! I'm currently transitioning to a new job that wears more business casual clothing, and your mood boards give me some great ideas. Excellent!


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