Monday, February 1, 2010

and the winner is...

Thank you to everyone that put in their 2 cents on Friday for my January in Review! Wow, you guys are awesome!

The clear winners were outfits #1 and #4 - they were only separated by one vote and were far and above the leaders in all the outfits I posted....

#1: Happy Feet! Unexpected shoe-wear makes for a win!

#4: Mellow Yellow! Again, a huge thanks goes to Lands End Canvas for this awesome jacket!

Thanks again for "voting" - can't wait to do another round-up next month!


paula said...

these were good too:) I still love the frock though, ha!

Kotori said...

Love this idea of voting on your favorites... and, yes, that yellow coat is fabulous {looks good on you too!}

Loved getting your newsletter in my inbox this morning!

Living It At Home said...

Happy to see my vote for the yellow coat won! I am getting one of those for the spring!



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