Friday, January 15, 2010

what to wear: Maternity!

I know quite a few pregnant ladies these days and have heard from my readers as well that they would love more maternity outfits featured here. So here are a few!

For a night on the town - maybe your last date night for a while - or a perfect outfit to wear to your own baby shower! (And for all you non-preggo women out there... swap your own little black dress with this one and this outfit is perfect for you too!) Accessories are KEY when you are pregnant and want to look fashionable and the best part is... they will still fit you after the baby arrives!
Melie Bianco at ShopStyle

For a casual day shopping for the finishing touches on the nursery or even a more casual shower to attend, this outfit is chic and simple. A little "splurge" may be in order with this handbag... especially before all your money starts going to diapers!
Kate Spade at ShopStyle

Happy weekend guys and gals!


nytova said...

Thank you! Not long after I discovered your blog, I found out I was pregnant. I keep reading getting ideas for what to wear post-baby. Right now I am big on the scarves too - they are a good distraction for the eye and if I let them hang in front, they obscure my growing belly!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

My boss is pregnant with twins right now and she is having the hardest time finding things that are cute to wear! I am going to forward her the link!


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