Friday, January 8, 2010

what to wear: lil ones!

I'm going to try out something new and hopefully you all like it as much as I do... let me know, k? I've been throwing around the idea of posting on kids "stuff", seeing as I am a mom... but it's a hard decision for me. One, because I don't know if it's interesting to you all and two, because this blog is sometimes my escape from 'all kids all the time.'

But I think we can all agree that kids clothes have the corner on CUTE these days... so at least we can ohhhh and ahhhh together on that, right?

So here is what to wear for the lil ones... Today I've made outfits for a toddler girl and toddler boy, because that's the age of my kids, let me know what the ages of your kids are and in the future I'll try to mix in other age groups!


I just adore these grey skinny jeans for boys... they are tough and cute at the same time and the playful hat definitely keeps it youthful and fun!
Gap at ShopStyle

I admit that from time to time I dress my son in a little outfit that I wish my husband would wear (ha, true confession, huh?). This antler sweater is a perfect example, I love it's rough and tough feel. On a miniature body it's irresistible! (And the madras slip ons are to die for, my husband would, sadly, never wear these.)
Gap at ShopStyle

Let's move on to the little ladies, shall we? I don't know if I made this outfit with my daughter in mind or me! I love the drop waist top and skinny jeans (hmmmm... wonder if they have either of those in my size) and the mocs pretty much seal the whole deal, no?
Gap at ShopStyle

Get an early start on spring with this look... still warm enough for the current temps but definitely forward thinking. I like the idea of layering socks over tights (the inspiration is Two Ellie's little sweetie... isn't she a doll?). And I love the idea of yellow shoes, kids can just get away with more in my opinion.
Crazy 8 at ShopStyle

So there is my first official kids outfit post... enjoy! And HAPPY WEEKEND! We've got a busy one, but whatever you do stay warm... it's freezing here!


Stacy said...

I love this addition to your repertoire! As a mom of a 3 and 20 month old, I agree a break from kid stuff is required, but it is so much fun to dress the kids up. And I am 100% with you on putting stuff on my 3 year old that I'd love to see my husband wear. And I put stuff on my daughter that I only wish I could wear! Great idea!

Maria said...

I love this idea too!! im really loving that antler get-up, might need to pick that up for Gideon!! thanks jill!

sara said...

I like seeing the kid clothes. My son is 6 so I would like to see options for that age. I think he's at a hard age. Too old for some of the more cutesy stuff but too young for some of the older boy things.

Kathysue said...

I love this idea, I have 3 little ones to buy gifts for and this will give me a good idea of things to buy, great idea! Wanted to let you know I just started a blog and would love to have you come by,Kathysue

Jackie said...

Jill I LOVE this idea! Keep it coming!

The Chirping Perch said...

I love it!! (in moderation of course, reading blogs is my escape from the constant badgering of "whys?" and unsuccessful potty training in the toddler world) It's difficult to find cute little boy stuff, because it all looks like grown men clothes shrunken down to child size to me, so I love this idea. I especially like the cute beanie.

Taunya said...

Love this new addition! Would loveideas for the 7/8 year old girl since for Christmas she asked her dad and I to get her some "fashion clothes" and was mindful enough to state - not just regular clothes but FASHION Clothes. So any help in that regard would be appreciated. I also have a 5 year old little man who will wear just about anything I pick for him, so I love using him as my little dress up doll since his sister has obviously already formed an opinion of her own.

The Southern Lady said...

I love this! I have a nine year old and an 18 month old, but our wee one is definitely more difficult to shop for. The ensemble from Gap is my absolute favorite, though the sweet outfit with all those yellow touches really made me yearn for another baby girl...Love those yellow shoes!

Have a lovely weekend!


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