Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my outfit: rockin' a smock!

Is it a smock or a frock? Because it's not so much a dress... I don't think I could wear it on it's own. Check out that slit up the back.

I fell in love with this dress online, and we know that doesn't always end well. I just can't ever get inspired with this "dress" - although I did like wearing this outfit. I just need more ways to style it. This doesn't happen often, but I'm stumped.

What do you all think? Upon scanning the photos again... maybe a long sleeved striped top, very french chic, would work.

I was thankful for a day where the temps almost made it to 50 degrees recently and decided to for go a big clunky coat and just wear a little jean jacket. This one is almost vintage... circa 1999. I worked at the Gap at the time and remember buying this one for full price I loved it so much (and I was in college, so full price was a big deal!).

So like 11 (eleven!?!?!?) years later it still fits like a glove and I love that it is all worn in and cozy.

And if you don't have a denim jacket, you should consider picking one up... I think they are coming back. And isn't it about time? It's been 11 + years!

Jean Jacket, Gap (similar)
Dress/Frock/Smock, Gap (similar but even more amazing!)
Turtleneck, Gap (similar)
Leggings, Gap (similar)
Boots, Nine West (similar)

(that's a lot of Gap, speaking of which... my Gap stuff seems to hang around the longest in my closet... do you have a brand that does that for you?)


sara said...

I think it looks great on you! I am not much of a dress wearer. I always think they look better on other people. I do have a jean jacket and I think it's a great piece to have.

*starr fish said...

Strong believer in the jean jacket. It's cute and classic when worn like a blazer! I like your idea for something striped underneath the dress. I've been having fun with patterned tights this winter. That might be another way to wear your dress.

Shirley said...

I'm a J. Crew gal. I wear petite0, and J.Crew was the only store back that can fit me perfectly. I have many pieces from J.Crew still hanging around my closet.

Elena said...

I'm exactly the same with Gap. I switched to Banana for a while, but now I'm back. On a side note, the buttons down the back kinda threw almost looked like a head spinning Exorcist moment for a minute there, lol

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Looks great! I love the Gap. I think the black looks great with the smock. It would look awesome paired with a colorful oversized handbag too!

Magchunk said...

Gap stuff stays with me forever too! Their current inventory is KILLING me I love it so much. I worked there for six weeks when I was 20. Hated it but loved the discount (and I milked it for all it was worth!)

paula said...

love the frock, so cute.

lauren @ gathering moss said...

i think it's cute! and i like the striped top idea. you could also spice it up with a big ole statement necklace. with the outfit in this picture, i'd probably go gold and chunky, or perhaps a little more subtle with that black circle pendant from your "sweet repeat" post the other day, to tie in with the rest of the black. today i'm wearing a pair of dark gray straight cords from the gap that i got for, drumroll please, $12. insanity.

Polished Sense said...

Yes. You rocked it! The color is perfection to for that design. I love how you put a simple jean jacket over it. Your style is so classic. I admire it :D



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