Tuesday, January 12, 2010

fashion formula: Fair Isle!

Who's the fairest of them all? Fair Isle, of course!

Like cross-body bags remind me of junior high, fair isle brings me right to college. And since that was, ahem, over 10 years ago it doesn't seem so unlikely that the trend is back. Word to the wise though... hop on this colder weather trend stat, because come April it will be sayonara to this style as we prep for warmer temps. Which leads me to my next point... while some wardrobe pieces can be carefully and stealthily transitioned from one season to the next, fair isle does lose it's fair-ness (shall we say) come spring!

Here's how to keep fair isle fresh and not frumpy this winter:

Fair Isle Sweater
(from left to right: Patterned Cardigan w/ Tie Belt, Forever 21, $32.90, Hooded Toggle Cardigan, Forever 21, $36.90, Fair Isle Cardigan, Forever 21, $34.90)

Fitted Bottoms
(from left to right: Fab Leggings, Forever 21, $4.50, Stud Rider Pant, Forever 21, $17.80, Real Straight Jeans, Gap, $59.50)

Casual Boots
(from left to right: Leather Flat Boot, Charlotte Russe, $34.99, Frisco Vintage Style Boot, Bronx, $76.49, Ruched Suede Boot, Me Too, $89.95)

Awesome Handbag
(from left to right: The Marseille by Marc B, Topshop, $70, Emma Satchel, Endless, $95, Blondie Shoulder Bag, Big Buddha, $89)


Jackie said...

I just love those Fair Aisle sweaters. Unfortunately I am on a spending freeze as far as winter clothes go, so I won't be adding one to the wardrobe this year :(

Boy Crazy said...

Oooh...I don't know. It might be too recent for me to bring this look back. But with leggings and tall boots, I can see how the style would be cute. The patterns though...maybe if I was too young for the trend the first time through.

I'm just not quite trendy enough, I think. But I admire your eye, Jill.

deyoungsters said...

those sweaters are really cute! what do you recommend, though, when a "fitted bottom" is called for but you might not necessarily have the shape to pull one off?

ms. less is always more said...

deyoungsters: these sweaters are all long enough to cover your bottom and the top of your thighs... try a pant with extra stretch... the Gap Real Straight that I chose are REALLY comfy with lots of stretch. Try it, you'll be surprise that you really can pull it off! I promise!

Magchunk said...

These are a classic! Although I think I missed it the first time around :) Reminds me of watching Felicity...

Reagan said...

Hit this trend the first time and I'm lovin' it the second time. *sigh* I need to go shopping.


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