Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shopping guide: [paper goods}

For the most discerning lady to receive... and for the most budget minded giver.
(Kate Spade, $18)

For all you mid-century fans or furniture buffs. It's simple and sophisticated.
(Etsy, Story by Mia, $20)

I love things that are versatile... this calendar will last you all the rest of your days. The numbers were photographed in Paris (oh la la!) and there is even a how to video on how to set the calendar up. Oui, for me!
(Little Brown Pen, $49.95)

I always love to have note cards around because they are perfect for a birthday, an anniversary or just a quick note to a friend. These are fun... and with 20 notecards included, they make a versatile and fun gift. They could even be fun to frame too... hmmm.
(Urban Outfitters, $14.95)

If you have a niece, nephew, cousin, brother or aunt four times removed that doesn't have one of these posters yet... well, pick one up for them! These posters are fun, quirky and come in every color. Truly a gift for any person! And no, I don't think they are over-used. Who doesn't need this reminder?
(Etsy, Pressureless, $20, 16 x 20)


Magchunk said...

I love the two top calenders. And I actually don't have a Keep Calm poster! I like it in this navy.

Paper goods are my weakness :)

Slices of Beauty... said...

Loving number 3!

Elaine said...

I love the calendar idea for #3!!


MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Oh boy, now you've got me. I'm a sucker for paper goods, and still don't own a "Keep Calm" poster!

Jackie said...

I have a Keep Calm poster that I got well over a year ago and still love it. I have it in my bathroom of all places! Love that Kate Spade calendar!


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