Monday, November 23, 2009

Reader Question!

On Twitter, the following question was posed:

from linniferjenn:

@JillGG Got any suggestions for affordable bridesmaids dresses that are also flexible enough to keep in your wardrobe after the wedding?

This is a really great question, because haven't we all spent hundreds on bridesmaid dresses only to have them later hauled off to Goodwill or Salvation Army because they haven't a use past that day? Sure you could always have them tailored, hemmed or dyed to be more usable, but then don't you just have an even more expensive dress?

I claim no expertise on wedding details and I know there are a million bloggers out there that can blog a wedding like no other. But here I think I'll speak only to versatile dresses that would make a blushing bride and her attendants equally happy. Weddings these days are so different than they were even when I got married. (and that was only 7 years ago!) With the constant modernization of weddings and the less fill-in-the-blanks type planning going on these days (i.e. it's no longer plug and play a dress, a reception hall and a cake) there is so much more freedom and expression in weddings.

For a versatile bridesmaid dress I would definitely go with a cocktail-style dress that is about knee length - not too short, but something that someone could pull out and wear to a holiday party, etc.

This dress from Ann Taylor Loft would be gorgeous for a bridesmaid dress. Add a belt to tie in the season or wedding colors and you are all set!

JCrew always can be counted on for classic silhouette's and great quality. If you can find a style on sale that fits all your bridesmaids, even better. I love this sophisticated neckline and a great peachy-pink that would work with all skin tones.

If black and white fit in your weddings color scheme, then White House|Black Market is a go-to spot for amazing dresses in conservative yet stylish cuts. I am love, love, loving this simple satin strapless option.

So there you have it Jennifer! Happy Bridesmaid dress shopping or wearing!

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Jennifer said...

Thank you, Jill! These are great suggestions!

paula said...

I love the idea of being able to reuse a bridesmaid dress again. the first is my fave.

Boy Crazy said...

jill - don't you just want to get married all over again so you can have different dresses and photos?? It's unreal how much styles/process have changed in less than a decade....


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