Monday, November 2, 2009

leaving (for) Las Vegas...

Hello lovelies... I am headed out of town for a much needed refresh and recharge. Which is ironic that I am going to about the craziest place in the world. Las Vegas, baby! My husband will be there for conventions and I will be sunning, shopping and eating all the most glorious food I can get my hands on. I plan on Starbucks lattes each and every morning (what a treat!) and cocktails each evening! Bliss!

While I am gone I have TREATS galore for you all! I have lined up some of my personal FAVORITE bloggers to entertain you and inspire you and believe me, you will NOT be disappointed! Seriously, I don't mean to gush, but the posts are SO delicious I almost want to ask them to stick around longer! The blogging world is so large and overwhelmingly inspirational... I'm thrilled to have a piece of that big, big world condensed for you here over the next couple of days!

Then when I return we are going to get in full "holiday" mode around here - consider me your personal shopper this holiday season. I will have the best buys in fashion, art, home goods, Christmas greetings and more. Consider good life for less your one stop shop this season.

And speaking of my gift guides... they will feature AFFORDABLE and PRACTICAL gifts for the whole family, they will feature many etsy sellers (because now more than ever, isn't it great to be able to support these amazing creators?) and they will be unique! I am so excited about all that I have in store for you dear readers!

Happy trails... I'll be seeing you next week!


ps, if you have Las Vegas recs (especially for dining!) please let me know! oxo, Jill

pps. I will still be doing good LOOK for less EXPRESS consults and regular consults, for those that have ordered this week (I don't know when! But I WILL!) So still email me if interested! goodlifeforless @


Maria said...

Jill your gonna have the best time! I highly recommend the bellagio fountain show which is in front of the hotel and runs throughout the night for free! Also the pirate show in front of treasure island hotel and the lions inside the MGM hotel are also pretty cool as well and also free!!!! Give us a full recap when you get back!!

Boy Crazy said...

Have so much fun my dear! Relax and enjoy your kid-free time! xo

paula said...

I was wondering where you were going. Have a blast. Maybe you could do a little bit of relaxing for me. I am in dire need.

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Enjoy your lattes and cocktails, Jill!

Christen said...

I hope you have an amazing time :)


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