Wednesday, October 28, 2009

how do you stay warm and stylish?

When it comes to bundling up... do you prefer wool or puffer?

The wool coats definitely have the style going on for them...

Old Navy at ShopStyle

...but oh, the warmth a puffer provides is unparalleled!


Elaine said...

I have a puffer but now I'm leaning more towards wool.... I love that military jacket you posted!!

Pink to Green said...

For style- wool. For warmth, I agree- puffer. The puffer jackets with belts and other details can be really cute and not so "marshmellow"!

Kotori said...

How fun is that Charlotte Russe coat? So different!

And, love the new profile photo!

Blair said...

Oh yes! Love these--especially the first one. Great collection.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

How about one of each ;)

I use a puffer during the day and wool for evenings out!


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