Thursday, October 8, 2009

good LOOK for less: Juliana, she's one hot mama!

I recently got an email from Juliana, a stay-at-home mom in Utah, that was looking to take her look to the next level! Here is a bit of her email to me:

I spend my days playing with my kid- at home and out and about, running errands, and organizing the house. I would like some really cute outfits that are fashionable and cute for date nights and for entertaining friends that I can wear this fall/Winter. I want to feel more like a woman, and less like a mommy! I love the Kardashian’s styles, as well as Jessica Simpson and Beyonce.

I think we can all relate to her, don't you think, that often times as "moms" we tend to overlook the joy of feeling "womanly"! I know I do! To start the consult off on great "footing", Juliana clued me in on an amazing shoe purchase she was having trouble fitting into her daily wardrobe... these drool worthy Louboutin's. Girl, I would be eating, sleeping and playing in those shoes! They are truly lovely and definitely put you in the "hot mama" category! I included those in the consult, but not in the wardrobe.

Here's the breakdown of the shopping list: (click for all the details!)

Juliana had a budget of $500, for that I was able to compile 21 new wardrobe pieces and 10 total new outfits... let's take a look at some of the outfits, shall we?

This is a great outfit for a date night or for entertaining guests for a cocktail party in your own home... the tights make the shorter hemline more conservative and mid-height peep toe booties are a great trend for the fall and winter. Or for a day of errand simply swap some flats and a cardigan to make the look simple and casual!
Windsor at ShopStyle

I love that Juliana isn't afraid of trends... her fashion "mentors" have some of the most talked about style out there! So I was ready to up the "trend-factor" with Juliana. The boyfriend jean paired with the Louboutin's makes a great look; and added with an tailored tee makes the look unpretentious!
Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

Here, skinny jeans paired with knee high boots and a longer profile top make a great hot mama (but still practical!) look! Longer tops are on trend for fall and winter and can help hide some of our "mommy curves", if you will.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Happy shopping Juliana!


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Kotori said...

These all look great Jill - amazing how you pull it all together!

BklynMama09 said...

coming from another Mom, this is a big help. I, too, often look down at my baggy t-shirt and cargo pants that I've been wearing every weekend since my daughter was born, and wonder where did I go? I love to dress nicely but these days, I choose a shower or sleep over accessorizing. I love these choices you put together so thinks for the inspiration :)


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