Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall must haves... TOP TEN! (part II)

Last week we went over the first five Fall must haves (Blazers, Layering Tees, Bold Pops of Color, Bold Neck-Wear, Slouchy Boots) and here are the much anticipated second five!


6. Ruffles... we went over ruffles for all ages last week as well (here). It's not hard to see when you take a look at most clothing retailers that ruffles are key this fall. Stores are oozing with them. They are fun and flirty and feminine.
Express at ShopStyle

7. Tights... In every shape, color and style. Pair them with a skirts of any kind or if you are daring pair a deep opaque tight with a long sweater or shirt! Zowie!
Gap at ShopStyle

8. Bold Cold-Wear... be cool, while "cool" this winter. It's easy to fall into the black and grey rut for outerwear. But this fall and winter... why not shake it up a bit of flair in your outerwear. Think of it as a preview to what's under that coat!
BB Dakota at ShopStyle

9. Headbands... they feel a bit 80's/90's to me. But it is true that the 80's are back, so it only makes sense, right? They are a fun and inexpensive way to add flair to an outfit.
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

10. Oversized Handbags... This is nothing new. We talked about them last spring. But it's true... the big bags are here to stay for sure. Plus, who can deny that it's great to have all of your "needs" right on your shoulder!
Spiegel at ShopStyle


So, what's your favorite? What will you be sporting this fall/winter?


dmoms said...

I wore this grey shirt last week and I told myself that is the last time! Grey is just so grey!

Emily said...

Great suggestions! I am a HUGE fan of tights and think they are one of the best parts of the chillier months.

Kotori said...

I'm totally digging those headbands.

PS~Erin said...

Loving that pink coat!


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