Wednesday, August 12, 2009

work it wednesday!

I'll be the first to admit that I take a little time to warm to new trends... while I like to follow them, I am certainly not the first on the proverbial "boat." Enter the military jacket... when I first started seeing it pop up I was all: bleck, yucky, no way!

Buuuuuttt... well. Now I think maybe I like it. And you might too!

Yes, they are a bit fashion-forward and a touch "out-there" and you may ask yourself how could it even integrate into my wardrobe. Well, here it is folks, Work it Wednesday, Military Jacket style!

(for any new readers, Work it Wednesday is when I take one wardrobe piece or style and put it into three different looks for you to showcase how simple it is to make your wardrobe versatile!)

one: pulling off all black with the flair of the military jacket is just right! I love the addition of animal print flats (which I am OBSESSED with these days) and some biker chic accessories.

two: boyfriend jeans, gladiator sandals and a military jacket. Together they are a trend "power-house" without looking like a trend "three-ring-circus."

three: this is military jacket gone to work... you can simply wear the jacket unbuttoned to lessen the severity of the look.

So are you sold? I am for sure...

Interested in adding one of these to your wardrobe? Check out these amazing options:


madamesoleil said...

I've loved the military jacket look ever since I saw it on some winter coats from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. I think it's rad, and it reminds me of Chris Martin. He's always dressing like a special needs train conductor, but he pulls it off as ridiculously cool instead of just ridiculous.

christina said...

I've loved military jackets for a while now. Maybe this is my year. I especially love that second look. Great job!


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