Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reader Style! (yes, that's you!)

I've mentioned it before... but you guys (my readers) are the best! Seriously. Seriously.

Gillian is a fan of the blog and was inspired by the black on black ensemble from this video. She sent me a picture (I was SO honnored...) check out the picture and her little note:

I just found your blog and I am in love! I listened to your video blog from this past week and made an outfit from a blazer I had left over from high school and a black ruffled shirt I had laying around. I then went to Kohls and got a $6 ring on sale (you can't really see it in the photo) with a $10 off coupon (so free!)

Cute Gillian! Thanks a ton... I think I see some black flats peeking out at the bottom too. Love it!

Want to show me how you get the good LOOK for less? (especially if you are a past client!!!) Email me your photos/notes to goodlifeforless @ gmail.com and I'll post it here!

Internet hugs and kisses all!


PS~Erin said...

How cool. My daughter sported a knit black scarf the other day after she saw a snippit of your scarf vlog. Of course, hers was paired with the top to her orange tankini and a blue/white/green floral skirt. Not sure you'd have been so impressed! (I'll email you a picture bc I *had* to email it to my hubby) but don't post it!

Christen said...

What a great outfit :) And you can't get a better steal than that ring!


Gillian said...

Aww! Thanks so much! I can't wait for it to get a little cooler here in VA and I will be putting that outfit to good use!


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