Monday, July 13, 2009

fashion transitions!

There always reaches a point in every season where fashion literally stands still... On the runway the Fall 09 previews have come and gone and designers are thinking to Resort Wear 09/10 - which, yes, those lines have a warm weather feel to them, but they are really meant for the jet-setters when the weather turns cold. And even if we are inspired by those lines, there is no stinking way we are getting our hands on any of it any time soon...

On the "accessible" side of fashion, the mall and online shops are offering low, low prices on what is left (think: potentially low, low inventory) of summer 09 pret-a-porter. So if you are thinking your wardrobe needs a little sumthin' sumthin' - you might be scrambling to find something that fits your warm weather needs now... but let's face it (especially in Michigan), we are mere months from the first frost.

[I am particularly privy to this trend because I have a late July birthday and every year I want to go clothes shopping and every year I realize there isn't much to buy.]

So what's a girl to do?

Instead of making a quick push to fall, I recommend adding some summer-fling worthy items to your wardrobe that maybe got looked over on the first go round.

One of my particular favorites this season, and a bit daring I do admit, are colored jeans... they are fresh and fun and by simply adding a white tee shirt and some sandals you have an instant and effortless outfit. Here are some fun options:




Then when the weather turns, take your colored jeans and simply add a denim or safari jacket with a scarf and you are all set!


down and out chic said...

good point on the shopping trends, i have the same problem having a july birthday. maybe i'll hoard the money away until there's more available. loving those green jeans btw.

Elena said...

My birthday is July 27th, but living in South Florida I have the opposite problem. I actually want MORE summer clothes, but by the time I get all my presents and giftcards, all the good summer stuff is long gone in clearance hell. Ah, timing!

kirwin said...

Really cute -colored jeans- but I'm not sure I could pull off the look.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Hmmmm..the yella' ones might work - think anything other than a bootcut might be too much for moi!

I'm a late july b-day, too! The 24th, You?

ms. less is always more said...

Mine is the 28th... lots of July birthdays! Love it!

Barefoot Blogger said...

Those green ones are sooo freakin cute! Just stumbled across your blog--love it!


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