Friday, June 19, 2009

Top Ten Summer Essentials!

So last week we went over the first five of the the Top Ten Summer Essentials... and now we will finish with the second five!

So let's get right into it!

6. Statement Jewelry: Statement jewelry should be something simple and fun in your accessories "wardrobe" that can dress up a t-shirt or dress up a little black dress... and every where in between. I usually opt for inexpensive and interesting pieces that are sure to spark up conversation and one's imagination! Push the envelope a bit with this one and make it memorable... let the ladies at work call you the "feather lady" or your girlfriends gently tease you when you pull out the "feather necklace." Be daring! I could see this fun necklace being worn with a white t-shirt to the farmer's market or with a flirty top on a date!

7. Oversized Handbag: Again, I may seem like a broken record on this one, but those little-itty-bitty purses that hold your phone and a lipstick are so boring (unless it is purposely a "clutch")! Be fun, be dramatic, stand out! If you are a mom, a large handbag can act as your purse and a diaper bag (oh, don't even get me started on "diaper" bags) or if you are a student you can load your laptop or a couple of books in these. It's doesn't have to be as big as an overnight bag... just somewhere comfortably in between.

8. Ribbed Tanks: These are just a given for warm summer months! They are comfy and colorful and come in at ALL price points. I have a bazillion of them and could seriously go for a bazillion more! No need to go fancy or frivolous on these... Old Navy has them for less than $10 and in plenty of colors... how about bright yellow!?!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

9. Cardigan: There is hardly anything more versatile in your wardrobe than a nice cardigan, it can cover your shoulders on a chilly night, fend off cold air conditioned office cubicles and take the chill out as afternoon turns to evening at the beach. For this season I am loving the "boyfriend" style cardigan that is a bit looser, has good drape and in general a deep v-neck. I recently purchased a similar style in black and that thing is getting good use this season. Most people don't think of cardigans in the summer, but layering is always key no matter what the season!
Delia's at ShopStyle

10. (last but not least!) White Pants: I just LOVE white pants this time of year... and yes I have two kids, and yes they get crap all over them and yes I spot treat them like crazy in the wash. But still. White pants rock! They are slimming and fresh looking and go with pretty much everything! I prefer a wide leg white pant... straight leg or even skinny are great options as well. Whichever you prefer!
Express at ShopStyle

I hope you enjoyed this little mini-series on the season's basics. Keep those reader emails and questions coming to goodlifeforless (at)!

Happy Weekend!


pk @ room remix said...

You always have such great ideas. Love your creative clothing eye and LOVE the bag!

jess@noelmarie said...

Totally agreed! I'm all about statement jewelery right now.


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