Monday, June 8, 2009

good LOOK for less: Chris, maternity special occasion!

Chris contacted me recently explaining that she is pregnant and has a class reunion to attend! A double challenge! I love it!

First off, I have to say that I just love the way pregnant women look. So soft and feminine and glowy. But I will also say this... I have two kids and never once during my pregnancies did I ever FEEL soft (well in all the wrong places only!), feminine or glowy. So there lies the conundrum... when you are pregnant you just have to wear amazing clothes, because it's easy to fall into the "I'm fat" spiral, and fast! (Unless of course you are one of those super-human women that just love being pregnant... I salute you!)

So I came up with three outfit options, depending on what the event would be like or how she prefers to dress while pregnant... there are a lot of variables here! I tried to include a lot of versatile pieces, some she may have in her maternity wardrobe already, or others if she purchases them, that will last her the rest of her pregnancy and that could even carry her through the first couple months post-pregnancy.

(as a side note... if you have never been pregnant... just FYI, yes you will still have to wear maternity clothes after the baby. Depressing I know. But true. I admit, I brought "skinny" jeans to the hospital in my overnight bag with my first child... ha! Imagine the horror I felt when I left in the maternity clothes I came in. HORROR!)

This first outfit clocks in at just $147.23... I really love each of these outfits, but this one I really love. I love when pregnant women wear black. I think it is so slimming, and not in a cheesy fibby kind of way. But in a really attractive way. So here I paired simple black pants with a simple black tank and then really jazzed up the accessories. Fun, no?
Jessica McClintock at ShopStyle

Next up, I chose a simple dress with feminine accessories. This outfit comes it at only $102.90 - Awesome! The dress is easy to wear, comfortable and feminine and just a touch of accessories bring it all together. You will also note that I chose flat shoes for each outfit! Very comfy for "pregnant" feet!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

This last outfit is the most casual of them all, but still has a great sense of style and trend which can be fun during pregnancy! In the grand scheme of things, you will wear these clothes for a short time, so have fun with them! This outfit totals $175.96, but again has lots of basics and accessories that will carry you through post-pregnancy as well.
Motherhood at ShopStyle

Thanks for letting me help you Chris! Have a fabulous time at your reunion - let us know how it goes! And good luck with baby #2!

As a follow up, Chris replied:
They're absolutely perfect! I love all of them. And it will work out especially great because I need something to wear the day after the reunion, to the 4th of July festivities! I can't thank you enough!!!


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Boy Crazy said...

Great Jill! How fun to do a maternity look! As always, nice job. :)

The Countess of Nassau County said...

So adorable. My ovaries are trembling!!

christina said...

Really,'s fantastic. The only trouble is going to be deciding which look to where when!


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