Friday, March 27, 2009

the finale

Here is the last and final short skirt/long jacket entry... I have had just a BLAST doing these and letting my imagination run wild. Here are all of them if you care to see...

short skirt
short skirt - by Jill GG on

And here's a funny little video that always makes me chuckle...

Here's my fav quotes from the video:
"damn this is good..."
"oh, there you go..."
"how much is this? i'll take two"
"i've heard it a million times..."
"it has therapeutic value"
"i don't like the na-na part"
"some feminist gal"
"it's trying so hard to be important"
"i really don't like these lyrics"
"it's a really nice song"
"if she was like the broad in this song..."
"it rocks"


Enjoy your weekend!


anonymously chic said...

that jacket is wonderful! have a great weekend (and thanks for inspiring my polyvore experience!)

Blair said...

That jacket is amazing! Truly gorgeous.


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