Wednesday, February 25, 2009

work it wednesday!

Today I am going to mix things up a bit here for work it wednesday. A reader, my hairstylist and friend of mine, Summer (hi Summer!) recently asked if I could work on some outfit ideas for the more conservative women out there. Summer wants to take her mom spring shopping for some updated looks, but wants to avoid uber trendy stylings for her mom - and rightly so.

When shopping for items that don't fall in the trendy category (which we outlined a bit yesterday) but still on a budget the mall is a great place to start - just don't fall into the trap of buying what is "screaming" to you in the displays and windows. Dig deeper to find classic and conservative pieces that will stand the test of time.

conservative. - by Jill GG on

My tips (as highlighted above) for finding classic and conservative pieces are as follows:
1. Find wardrobe pieces that flatter the waist (not hips) and the neckline. Wide leg pants are a great way to flatter your waist - make sure you choose a medium weight denim or woven material for the optimum figure-flattery. Necklines that are boat, scoop, or a slight v all highlight the shoulders and the top of the decollete - and no lower.
2. Choose form fitting items. Although drapey and, conversely, tight clothing may be trendy or "what the kids are wearing" - it doesn't mean it is appropriate for all body types or styles. Choosing a tee or cardigan (like pictured) that hints at the curves of the body but doesn't necessarily show them works well for the conservative set.
3. Let your personal style and the trends (as you feel comfortable) show through in the accessories you choose. This is key: up-to-date shoes, handbags, earrings, bangles and belts are all great ways to spice up the classics. These items can give your outfits a youthful appeal while still being appropriate.
4. Find shoes that are practical but beautiful. You can do anything in a kitten-heel or a flat. Walk the dog, grocery shop, carpool, lunch or dinner dates. Use the versatility of these styles to your advantage!
5. Always have an absolutely fabulous dress waiting in the wings. This is pretty much a given for no matter what your style. But a flirty and feminine dress that you absolutely love will pay you dividends. Always.

I hope these tips come in handy Summer - and of course to all my readers!


Kotori said...

You always pull together the most amazing outfits - you have such a good eye.

Magchunk said...

Hey, I can't remember how I came across your blog, but I'm loving it! This gray dress is what sealed the deal :)

I'm adding you to my blog roll (if you don't mind?)


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