Tuesday, February 24, 2009

trend theory...

for the most part, my closet is full of what are for the most part solid classics. blazers in black, brown and khaki. high end denim in straight, boot and wide leg cuts. sweaters in various styles made of quality materials in brown, black and grey. these staples are essential for all wardrobes and often I find that the best of my classics stand the test of time. when you have a blazer that still "works" five years later, you know you made a great purchase to start.

but of course there has to be some fun in there some where right? for me, that is when the trends enter... I prefer to buy trendy items tops, accessories, funky bottoms and on occasion, a trendy shoe - all on the cheap. this is my trend theory. that's why places like forever 21, old navy, etc (mall stores!) are my go-to places to shop!

so use stores that are on the trendy side to add spice to your wardrobe on a dime.

take these jeans for instance: I've been eyeing a similar pair in the "pricey" range... but at $24.95, I think I'll be taking this trend home on the cheap first.

How do you balance trend and classic in your wardrobe?


Miss Aimee said...

man I need someone like you to come over and help me toss old clothes out! I always think I will wonder wear something fab in my closet and never do! I have lots of classic and much more of funk! Being an artist I can pull the funk in my everyday wear so I push it with layers and hats and shoes, and scarves and leave the simple fav jeans and layers of neutrals. Although I am loving this way out funky pair of true religions I got that have a girl image all over the leg and rear. very fun!

Rachel said...

I tend to buy classic/expensive pants and dress skirts and jackets. Then I feel a little more free to buy trendy tops and floaty little skirts and dresses.

Kotori said...

I agree with Miss Aimee - you need to come and help me clean out my closet! I am really trying hard to just limit the black, brown and white to my quality staple items and try to inject some more fun into the trendy clothes. You are so good at finding those inexpensive fun items - it's one of the things I love the most about your blog!


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