Tuesday, February 10, 2009

share a scent...

Do you do "unisex" scents? We do. That is, my husband and I.

It all started when he started wearing Hanae Mori, which has a very delicate yet sultry scent. I really liked it on him... so I decided to try it on myself. It is true what they say that each scent smells different on each individual...

Then I bought the
The Gap Indviduals E.D.T. - "the natural"
for myself and before I knew it HE started snagging it. It smells awesome on him.

Women: GAP INDIVIDUALS E.D.T. - the natural

Then I remembered this scent... from when I was in high school I think? CK One. Which could be a fun Valentine's gift for us to share.

Do you do unisex scents? Would you?


Miss Aimee said...

I have been known to spray on my husband angel for men bc I love that chocolate-y smell. Seriously, when he wear it I cant get away from him! :)

Jackie said...

I had ck one in high school! Hilarious. It was all the rage back then. I can't say that I would want to wear it now though. I have never shared scents with the hubby. Neither of us wear them very often-I have allergies that prevent me. Party foul.


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