Monday, February 9, 2009

no one should have to endure this type of temptation...

I am feeling a little Edward Cullen-ish for the temptation I put before myself today (like the Twilight reference? I am such a junkie on those books lately, I'll spare you the details... it's not pretty). With some time on my hands and a touch of boredom I wandered over to Nordstrom Rack this weekend. I'm not shopping these days, or rather, buying these days. Shopping is allowed... for "research purposes" strictly, of course.

Enter Tory Burch. Yes, TORY BURCH. At rock bottom prices. When I saw the little "T" emblem smiling up at me from the shoe racks... I may have audibly starting mumbling. Something to the effect of "T-tt-ttt-tory B-bb-bbb-burch?" I found three infuriatingly cute pairs. Wanna see? I tried them on and shamelessly took pictures right there in the store... if I can't have them in my closet, at least I can have pictures of me wearing them.

Cute magenta (they look orange in the pic... but weren't), basket-y, sling back flats. $85.00

Next up, Tory Burch Flats in black patent... $69.00

These I could just cry over... Tory Burch wedge/platform sandal again in black patent... $79.00 I had to take a top and a side shot... excuse the pedicure (or lack thereof, it is February in Michigan after all).

Would you even believe my strength that I put them right back on the shelf and marched right out of the store (stopping only to check out the handbags quick of course... this is research people - important stuff!) So tonight I am sad. But proud.

And there is hope, I will find amazing shoes there next time and likely the time after, etc. After all I have scored some seriously good shoes from that particular Nordstrom Rack in the past... Michael Kors, Donald Pliner, Steve by Steve Madden and plenty others.... pretty much every pair I own.


Kati said...

I really appreciate the Cullen insert. I too am late to the game in loving these books. See, even trendy girls can read!

Kotori said...

How did you possibly walk away? So impressed with you! Those are all so cute - I've never seen Tory Burch at Nordstrom's Rack! I love getting kids shoes there too!

Kotori said...

Did you see that sweetiepiepumpkinnoodle has a link for free downloadable Twilight cards? They're pretty cute - thought of you when I saw them!

Rachel said...

You are so strong! I feel bad for caving in last week.

Jess Constable said...

What restraint! I am seriously impressed by your ability to go without a pair... of any of them! My favorite is the orange flats. Knowing me, I would probably have bought a pair and gotten rid of another pair of shoes in my closet in a "end of the week exfoliation."


Jackie said...

Holy smokes Jill, how in the world did you pass those up? I have been wanting a pair of Tory Burch flats for ever! Pretty bummed I don't have a Nordies Rack around here.

ms. less is always more said...

kati - yes of course trendy girls can read! I have a book group that consists of the most trendiest chic girls I know!

Kotori - thanks for the tip! I just LOVE anything twilight these days... have you read it? I thought you mentioned you were thinking about it...

And to everyone in shock and disbelief (including me!). To tell you the truth it was one of the hardest acts of self control. But my husband and I are seriously cutting back on spending right now seeing as we went down to one income last fall when I decided to stay home with my two kids.

As far as the justification on the shoes went: the sling backs are adorable, but just not so ME. If you know what I mean. The black flats were incredible (very comfy too) but I just bought the Old Navy flats for 20 bucks that I actually REALLY like - I know I don't need two pairs of patent black flats. If they were in another color I would have been doomed. The hardest to resist was the wedge sandals... somehow those are still on the TB website for $225 - had to check!

I just hope they go to good homes and I won't lose sleep over the guilt.

Hayley Kathryn Designs said...

mmm edward cullen... :)
i don't think i could have walked away from those beautiful wedge platforms. love them! you have good taste!


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