Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Finds!

Today I am kicking off a new "series" of sorts...

For the entire month of February... each and every day... I will feature a "February Find." It will be an item, a store, a website, an idea, a quote, etc. that I think you all will enjoy. I am personally challenging myself to keep my content interesting and continually attractive for my readers. It's SO important to me! I am so thankful for everyone that stops by here continually... my readership has quadrupled since last month. You guys ROCK! "February Finds" posts will go live every afternoon around 3pm (EST) so look for them! Tell your friends about them! Tell strangers about them! Get the word out!


My first February Find is a store/website called Olde Good Things... this is a little shop that my mom and I ran across on our trip to NYC a few summers back. We were strolling through Greenwich Village and stumbled upon their quaint, yet very attractive storefront that was bursting with antique finds. When we got inside the shop we quickly learned that they sold antiques but also reclaimed architectural elements. That particular day the shop was bursting with goodies that had recently been reclaimed from the former Plaza Hotel. There were mantels and switch plates and dinnerware... all inscribed with the Plaza logo. Such swanky stuff!

So head on over to their website, or their blog, and check out their truly one of a kind offerings. A lot of the items are quite pricey, but some of them come with such rich history that it would be such an honor to even own them! Here are a couple of my favorites...

I absolutely love pocket doors... especially the big huge heavy ones! I lived in an apartment in a historical neighborhood when I was single and had two pocket doors that likely weighed more than me and were probably 9 to 10 feet tall... it was all my effort to open and close them, but I just adored them! I could build a whole house just around these pocket doors...

This typeset box is so cool... the description says it has a mirror attached to the back. It would be so cool to repurpose this as a cocktail table or work desk by simply adding some legs. What would you do with this box?

With this crystal chandelier hanging in my bedroom or dining room I could for sure die a happy woman. Isn't it just breathtaking?

Hoped you enjoyed the first day of "February Finds"... see you around!


Blair said...

Love the idea of this series and ADORE all the items in this post. I too love pocket doors--I have one on my bathroom. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Rachel said...

Great start to your series! I love pocket doors and that typeset box! I wish I could do pocket doors in my apartment.


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