Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Finds... 24!

With spring... and "leg" season, just around the corner, I don't know about you - but I need some color on my skin!

I am always so hesitant to use self tanners, because I see what they have done to other people (streaks, orange skin, smell, etc) - but I saw this, Aveeno Continuous Radiance, highly rated in a magazine last spring and decided to give it a try! I had a business trip in April to Florida where I would be baring legs and arms and didn't want to scare people away with my ghost like skin!

I started using it daily a week before I left... and I was so impressed that just like it promised, my skin slowly and subtly looked more bronzed (er, healthy)! At about $8 - it was one of the cheaper options at the store as well! I also liked that it came in two shades for greater personalization. (pale and paler... well, not really, but you get the idea!)

Do you use self-tanners? Bronzers? Which is your favorite?

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Jess Constable said...

I found the Bath and Body Works has a great option: their three in one body lotion that moisturizes, adds tanning color gradually, and has SPF 15 was perfect for me last summer. I happened to pick it up on sale last year and went through two bottles. I am waiting patiently for the Godsend to go on sale again. I loved that I looked tan without actually having to spend time in the sun getting wrinkles.


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