Saturday, January 10, 2009

take out the paper and the trash...

I am so obsessed with closets lately. Mine. Others. Clothes to fill it. And on and on.

I still can't get over this closet. How organized it is and how cute the clothes in it are!

It is on my "list" to renovate the closet(s) - his and hers - in the master suite this year.

So I started cleaning mine out tonight... the first step in the remodel I guess. And there was A LOT that had to go. If you are even vaguely interested you can check it all out at EBAY. Or not.

How is your closet looking these days? So cute you want to pinch it... like Making It Lovely's? Or on your to do list, like mine?

****** EDITED TO ADD: I have just listed two pink iPod's as well... both are in really great condition with original packaging. Now that I have an iphone I don't need an ipod (or two) anymore!!! *******

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