Tuesday, January 13, 2009

me today.

With all of these cold, cold, snowy days I am feeling a little 'bleh' in the clothing arena. What do you wear on these endlessly cold days?? This is what I am sporting today... each and every thread, with two exceptions. (the scarf and tee are good subsitutions for what I am actually wearing... an Urban Outfitters scarf and a Target T).

me today - super casual.
me today - super casual. by Jill GG

Don't you love the bracelets from MetalsGirl at Give Simple? I have two... one with a turquoise charm and another with a "inspire" charm. They were a Christmas gift from my mom and I just adore them!


paula said...

i love it all. those bracelets are divine.

Miss Aimee said...

loving those bracelets too!

Blair said...

wow- you are looking quite stylish today!! I hat cold weather lcoths but beautiful scarfs always make me happy.

Also, thank you so much for your wonderfully thoughtful words on my post today! Have a great night.

Camnista said...

I love the coat.
I'm feeling you on the cold temps making dressing well seem blah.


Tina said...

the bracelets are so pretty, love this whole outfit, practical (keep me warm) and so stylish!


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