Sunday, January 18, 2009

i am NOT buying...

I am on a little spending freeze in this house. I [conveniently] started it after I purchased these jeans and this artwork. It was briefly broken yesterday when I picked up two videos and a bag of Starburst at the video store (yes, that is how strict it is!). So if you are counting that is seven days of no spending. My goal is 25 days, so 18 more to go. Groceries and gas. That is it. And even this week I am cleaning out the pantry and freezer for dinners before I shop.

The more I read out in blog-land, I'm not the only one. But what's wrong with a little "fake" indulgence... in that spirit, this is what I am NOT buying:

I will resist these ADORABLE flats that are on sale for $63 from $108 from the always alluring Boden.

I'm walking straight past this adorable tunic that screams summer and would look so adorable over jeans or with a swim suit on the beach... (only $25)
Women: Women's Paisley Tunics - Cabot Cove

I will not snatch up one of these adorable prints...even though my heart is all aflutter for valentines.

I'll pretend my skin wouldn't be better off for indulging in this Ginger SouffleWhipped body cream from Origins.

Care to play along? If you do... leave a comment and a link!

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Miss Aimee said...

you are doing well. I am too! Although we are making a master closet today the wall is getting built and that WAS NOT on my 2009 list(ugh). Is that bad? We need a huge closet!!! for all our clothes!! and my husbands new jeans :)


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