Wednesday, September 3, 2008

casual chic...

in a transitional time as now... transitioning from summer to fall and transitioning from work to some time at home with the kids - i find myself a little fashionably challenged. usually on a day home with the kids or a weekend day i pull out the standard vintage-y tee, a pair of sevens and some flip flops. but rats if i can wear that for the next two months straight. i'm starting to feel junky. i need something casual... but chic!
i set out to find some tops that are cute, *washable*, and can transition to fall and hopefully back to work someday (think casual friday or some creative ensembling!).

Old Navy
(remember peps... i'm on a budget here!) came through with the following:
I like this wrap front sweater for $34.50 green is a great transitional color from summer to fall. It hints at warmer days but has deep enough tones to keep it serious enough for fall.

For the "ensemble" I was thinking of pairing it with this sensible yet cute jean skirt that could definitely do "out with the kids" or "casual Friday" with flats or boots, whatever you choose. The skirt is only $29.50 and can easily do three seasons.

Then quickly a tank - purple is so hot this fall ($7.00) and some flats to round it out (grey is totally the new black and these are a steal at $24.50). (all photos courtesy of old navy)

so how does this look... sensible, and not frumpy, stylish yet simple. i think so!

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