Tuesday, June 22, 2021

6 under $100 sunglasses I'm loving right now!

 I always get lots of questions about the sunglasses I'm wearing so today I thought I would round them all up into one post for easy reference. These are the pairs that are in heavy rotation for me right now... they are all under $100 with most of them under $50. 

I am such a sucker for sunglasses... I KNOW I have enough, but I see a cute pair and I can never resist. I just realized I have 3 pairs in my purse right now and one more in my car. It's a little out of control... haha. I will say my eyes are super sensitive to sun, so I can hardly leave the house without a pair on my eyes without being blinded. Plus, I've realized over the years that a good pair of sunglasses covers a lot of evils... no sleep, constantly tired and stressed eyes (thanks pandemic and parenting teens) or just no makeup... a pair of sunglasses always makes my face look better. Let's take a look at my favorites...

 right, from top down: tortoise, black
left, from top down: tortoise (this color isn't available right now, but others are!), camel, tortoise, black

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