Wednesday, January 20, 2021

amazon finds!

 Today I've got a few things to share that I've recently purchased on Amazon... a few of these items have shown up on Stories and I've gotten lots of link requests (so now they can live permanently here) and a few are some great deals that I can't wait to share with you!  Let's take a look at the pieces!

I'm all about a pj set these days. So cozy for sleep and it's cuter to wear around the house (sometimes all day) these days. This pair is adorable. Unfortunately the shorts were WAY too small. The top fit okay, but I think I would like that a little bigger. I am in my usual size small here, I would suggest going up a size or two depending on how oversized you would like them. I like my pjs a little on the oversized side.

I posted these on Stories the other day and you all loved them! I am using them for some extra storage in my closet like Beautycounter supplies, my needlepointing (my new hobby is taking over!) and hangers. We also have them in our pantry and my daughter has one in her closet she loves too. They are the perfect size to roll into tight places for extra storage. I highly recommend!

I am obsessed with robes. Haha! But seriously I love a big cozy robe for after a bath or shower but getting ready in a big bulky robe makes me too warm sometimes. This robe is nice and thin and really more of a 'dressing gown' - it's the perfect weight for getting read in. I stay warm enough without overheating and don't have to worry about wet hair, beauty products or makeup getting on my outfit for the day. 

Sizing: This runs big. I'm in a small and it's quite oversized. You could go down a size or two for sure.

These are SO cute and under $15! What!?!? I've been wearing them and they are very comfortable and lightweight too. I have a few other pairs of sunglasses from Amazon and you just can't beat the price and they are always right on trend and super comfortable. No reason to buy the super expensive pairs when these are so great!

I have LONG been looking for a less expensive option to the very popular and often sold out Free People tunic (shop the original here or here). This one is definitely the closest I've found! This top has very similar fabric and a very similar cut. I would say this fabric is a little thinner than the original. The original is thicker and maybe stiffer or holds it's shape better where this one is very drapey. But if you love the look of the original - I think this is VERY close.

I originally saw this on Natalie Borton's Stories as a way to hang jeans and while I was doing a big closet clean out and reorganization I thought I would try it! I like it, I can't say I will keep it this way forever but it is fun to try. I usually fold my jeans but my shelf space is more limited in my closet than hanging space, so this uses the space better.


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