Tuesday, November 12, 2019

my everyday style: cold snap!

Thank goodness for a cozy puffer coat when those cold snaps hit! Who can resist a coat that basically is a large (but stylish) sleeping bag that is socially acceptable to wear in public? A few of you may be like, whoa there, slow down! A white coat? Isn't it going to get dirty? And my answer is yes, maybe, but that's what washing machines are for. I've had a white coat on my wishlist for a few season and never found the PERFECT one. When I found this gorgeous option - that gold hardware! - I knew it was the ONE.

No surprise here, this coat is SUPER WARM and I love it paired with a pop of leopard to keep it fun. With a pom pom hat and these waterproof wedge booties I am set for whatever the weather throws at me this winter.

Outfit Details:
Coat (I went down one size)
Top - true to size
Jeans - true to size
Hat - tons of colors available!

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