Monday, October 21, 2019

wool winter coat review!

This season I am in the market for a new wool winter coat in grey. Very specific - I know! I thought I would take you all along on the ride! I ordered four grey wool coats and today I am reviewing them all for you and letting you know which I chose. There was definitely one clear winner for me, but each had their own merits. Plus, what I am looking for may not be what you are looking for so I really think there is something for everyone here. I tried to shop across a variety of price points as well... depending on what your own budget may be for a coat like this. I also styled each coat two ways, one more dressed up and one more dressed down - since for me I like a mix of both and don't want a coat that can only be dressier or casual.

(above) Option 1
Somehow I hit it right out of the park on the first try with this coat! This one was the clear winner... talk about one-and-done!?!? Here is what I like about this coat: it's very soft, I like the long length and the price is RIGHT. This also happens to be the least expensive from all four - so how lucky is that? Usually I fall for the most expensive option, so that is a pleasant surprise. I love that it can be dressed up (left) or down (right) and the fit was spot on. Sometimes sleeves can be too long on coats for me, this one was just perfect. I went down a size and I am in size XS here. 
outfit left: coat, sweater, jeans, flats

(above) Option 2
You may remember I first ordered this coat in camel and tried it on here.  It was way too big so I sized down and guess what, whomp whomp, it's still way too big.  The fabric was completely overwhelming on me and while this coat is nice and heavy and warm the sizing is just crazy. I am in the smallest size (size 2) and it still fits like a medium or large. I love the belted waist because it can be so flattering, but this coat just doesn't work for me. For reference I am 5'4 - so if you are taller you might have better luck with this coat.
outfit left: coat, jeans, boots

(above) Option 3
I really liked this coat. It was the dressiest of all three with the large lapel, a small amount of padding in the shoulders and slim cut. I personally felt like this was a little too dressy for me, but if you worked in an office environment that was more formal or you wanted something more tailored this was a beautiful coat. It was also the most expensive of the four, but not crazy expensive. I am wearing size 2 here, which fit me almost perfect. The sleeves were a little long so maybe a petite would've worked better but really this fit was great too. 
outfit left: coat, blouse, jeans, loafers
outfit right: coat, sweatshirt, jeans, loafers

(above) Option 4
For some reason this coat arrived like 4 days after the rest of the coats and I almost didn't include it because it arrived so late I ran out of time! But when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by it and definitely wanted to include it in the round up.  This coat has a more oversized "blazer" vibe than the other three making it really fun and unique. The collar has contrasting navy fabric, there are buttons on the sleeves and the lining is a silky paisley fabric that feels very preppy and blazer-like. It's a little wrinkly since I literally took it right out of the package and tried it on, but the fabric will steam out nicely for a more smooth finish no doubt. I ordered a x-small and it fits great, so I suggest going down one size.
outfit left: coat, sweater, jeans, flats
outfit right: coat, striped top, jeans, sneakers

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