Wednesday, October 9, 2019

easy and affordable fall tablescape!

So today we are changing gears a bit with a peek inside my home and how I am decorating for the the fall and the fall holidays! You guys are always asking for more peeks of my home and how I decorate so here we go...

Everything I featured here is really affordable and since we don't have a very big house it's pretty minimal too... I used our existing dishes (which I raved about here!) and added live pumpkins and gourds so that we can easily recycle them (read: throw them in the woods) when we are done. Plus, I plan on using these candles for Christmas and whenever I possibly can from here on out because they are so amazing. I personally don't have space to store TONS of seasonal holiday decor - nor do I really care to - so I kept it super simple and super affordable and my family has been loving the set up!  It's so festive! I plan to keep it up from now until Thanksgiving!

My simple decorating tip is when decorating a table like this I always think in THREES. I set up the faux leaves in the center and then split the table in thirds with the two larger pumpkins. After the big pumpkins were in place I added three medium sized pumpkin in each section. Then I had six gourds and six white pumpkins. So two of each went in each section. Finally I added in three of the flameless candles into each section. Voila! Lots of threes!  I set up the table runners (conveniently they come in a two pack!) at the outer edge of the table instead of the center to work as both decor and place mats.  Then added our everyday plates and flatware with cloth napkins to dress them up a bit!  Finally I added these adorable mini wine glasses that I have seen at restaurants and around the internet. My kids love them for mini water glasses but at 7.5 ounces they are perfect for one serving of wine without feeling fussy.  And that's it! It was literally so easy and inexpensive and I'll use it from now until Thanksgiving. I love that the table isn't so full you can't still put a water carafe, wine bottles and food to be passed, but it still feels fully styled and inviting!

Also our rug, chairs and table are quite a few years old but here are similar options:

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