Tuesday, July 16, 2019

my everyday style: back to school prep part 1!

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My daughter is taking over the blog today (and again later this month!) to talk ALL things back to school. This little lady is heading to MIDDLE SCHOOL this fall (how!?!) and she will be dishing on how she is prepping for back to school this year. I can't believe back to school season is already so close at hand, but if you have kids in your house, I think you will appreciate her take on how to prep to head back to school in August.

If you ask my daughter, the FIRST step to prepping to head back to school is easy... it's getting your SUMMER BUCKET LIST in order.  I mean, first things first... right!?! No kid wants to head back to school if they don't feel like they have had enough summer fun - and really, I couldn't agree more.  So, in honor of back to school season my daughter has a seriously fun bucket list to close out summer strong.

A's End of Summer Bucket List:

1) Drink as many iced chai's as possible.
2) Weekend trip to Chicago.
3) Birthday shopping.
4) Swim a lot. (mom's note: I feel like we have this covered... but apparently you can never swim enough before school starts!)
5) Visit Northern Michigan.
6) Back to school shopping. (Thanks to Walmart for helping on this one!)
7) One more beach trip.
8) Sleepover with friends.
9) Have fun with friends.
10) Sleep away camp.
11) Tennis camp.

It looks like we have some work, ahem, FUN - to have yet in these next couple of weeks!  Thanks to Walmart we have the back to school shopping easily taken care of in order to free up plenty of time for summer fun. From easy dresses to jeans, shoes and backpacks - Walmart has everything your child needs to be ready for school to begin again without the headache of shopping at a million different stores or breaking the budget. That way there's extra money left over for family fun!

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Dress (runs true to size!)

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