Tuesday, April 16, 2019

my everyday style: my new "mom" bag!

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It seems that from the moment we find out we are pregnant us moms are already thinking about what bag or tote we will be using to haul around "baby stuff."  Then the "baby stuff" turns into "kid stuff" and after that it's like we are always carrying around someone else's stuff... for the rest of our lives.  Haha! Or so it seems! I love a cute cross body bag, a satchel is stylish and fun but I am forever a tote gal. Must be the mom in me. Once a tote girl, always a tote girl.

And thanks to Barrington Gifts I think I just found my new and all-time favorite "mom tote" - I mean, isn't she a cutie!?!? Plus, who isn't a sucker for a monogram!?!? Here's the deal with this Barrington tote... it's 100% customizable! Yep! You can choose from tons of fabric options, leather accents, there are some really fun color and details options for the stripes and then you can really go wild with the monogram with so, so many font and color options. It's actually pretty addicting to spend some time on the site dreaming up concoctions! It's like the salad bar of handbags... and you will FOR SURE want to go back for seconds.

I chose the camo print with the light leather accent, then added a black and white stripe and a JGG monogram for my tote.  Then I also chose a little zipper pouch - which is so convenient for keeping your phone, lip gloss and keys in so they don't get lost in a large tote.  For the zipper pouch I chose similar fabrics with a bit different monogram to mix it up!

Now that spring is here spring sports season is in full swing for my kids... that means lots of time in the car, weekends on the go and lots of miscellaneous stuff I have to carry around like books, sunscreen, snacks, water bottles, etc. I love that this tote fits it all!

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