Friday, December 22, 2017

my everyday style: gorgeous gift giving with Eliot Danori x Macy's!

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Ladies, we all know that big gifts can arrive in small packages this time of year... am I right!?! I'm going to go ahead and speak on behalf of most women and state that us ladies LOVE a little extra sparkle in our lives this time of year.

Macy's just launched an exclusive new jewelry line designed by Eliot Danori and the pieces are so unbelievably stunning.  From the classic everyday-wear pieces that I am wearing here (these earrings and this necklace) to the perfect party pieces (like this pair of earrings and this gorgeous bracelet!) there are so many gorgeous styles for any lucky lady on your shopping list. I also love this earring and bracelet combo - it would be perfect for New Years Eve. Any of these gorgeous pieces will be keepsakes for years to come while still being completely affordable - which is definitely a bonus.

I just love how wearable these gorgeous jewelry pieces are. I paired my earrings and necklace with a soft off the shoulder top (available in lots of colors) and an easy pair of flats for a festive yet relaxed look.  This pair of coated denim gives the look a little extra shine for the holidays while still being super comfortable for either attending parties or celebrating at home.

Outfit Details:
Earrings - courtesy of Macy's
Necklace - courtesy of Macy's
Top - courtesy of Macy's
Jeans - courtesy of Macy's
Flats - courtesy of Macy's

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