Monday, June 6, 2016

summer uniform - pt 1

It's a new month and that means I am kicking off a NEW Monday series!  Yippee! Every Monday this month I will be pulling together super EASY outfit inspiration in the form of a "summer uniform."

What is a summer uniform you ask!?! You know those outfit combos that you pull out time and time again? The ones that always just "work"?  Those are like little wardrobe "uniforms" - they are easy to pull together, follow a simple formula and are perfect to have in your back pocket for those mornings you are rushing around with no time to think about your outfit or if you are just feeling a little un-inspired.  Instead of pulling out the outfit you wore yesterday (hey, we are all guilty of that from time to time) or just throwing on yoga pants - you can throw on one of these super easy "summer uniforms" instead.  So easy, right!?!?

Today's look is so easy it's almost criminal... but I LOVE how this look came together and it's a combo that I LOVE to wear and it's super comfortable too.  Perfect for a Monday when energy is low (summer Monday's are the worst!) and you want/need to look good but there is no creativity flowing... A simple maxi (I love a black one because it's also ultra flattering, but this green one is just SO classy and simple too), a pair of wedges for a little "oomph!" and a fun necklace to pull the whole look together.  I mean, could that be any easier!?!?  Now all you have to do is straight up copy this look and you are set.  I know I am totally going to... ;)

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