Saturday, December 26, 2015

awesome after Christmas sales!

As expected there are some really awesome after Christmas sales this year… It's a great time to spend those gift cards or Christmas money Santa brought this year.  Or just to treat yourself after treating everyone else all season!  And the best part, these prices are completely guilt free - unlike all those cookies I've eaten over the past few days.

This is a great weekend for lounging around the house in pjs and doing a little online shopping… who's with me!?!?

tassel purse - 40% off, pink earrings - 33% off, striped rain boots - 50% off (under $35!), white cable knit wrap - 50% off (only $25!), 'cardy' sweater uggs - 30% off, buffalo check vest - 40% off, pink kate spade satchel - 33% off, button uggs - 20% off, tie back striped top - 40% off (under $30!), fur lined hooded coat - $100 off, riding boots - 25% off, plaid scarf - 50% off (under $20!), black bucket bag - 40% off
Plus, tons more boots on super sale if you still need winter boots! And who doesn't need winter boots on sale!?!? So many good deals!  

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