Wednesday, March 5, 2014

spring trends 2014: fresh dresses!

Each spring I break down the best of the trends I love for the season and lay it all out right here on the blog for you. Over the coming weeks you'll get a peek at the trends I am loving for spring and tons of tips on how to style those trends as well. Consider these posts your spring shopping cheat sheets!

Today I am featuring spring's fresh crop of dresses.  Nothing says spring like snatching up a new dress or two - or digging out your favorites from last season - and bearing those legs with a pair of sandals!  A new dress or two can breath new life and style into your wardrobe and can always be worn a ton of different ways.  Here I chose a simple navy dress (totally on my spring wish list) and a striped dress as a back drop to some amazing outfits.

Do you love spring dresses too? How do you plan to style yours?

get the look above: maxi dress, sandals, bracelet, bag, sunglasses

get the look above: dress, necklace, shoes, clutch, lip gloss, nail polish)

see you around...

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