Monday, March 17, 2014

9 pieces / 9 outfits.

Transitional dressing between seasons can be challenging… one minute it's sunny and you are feeling warm and the next the sun goes behind a cloud and you are freezing again!  Spring is very slowly starting to make itself known here in the mid-west (albeit quite slowly it seems!) and it's time to pack away the winter boots and bulky sweaters (yay!).

Here are 9 easy to wear pieces that mix and match simply to create a great transitional wardrobe from winter to spring.  My closet is having a moment with neutrals and navy and these outfits definitely reflect that… it's amazing how many outfits you can make with such neutral pieces.

the 9 pieces: jeans (similar), black pants (similar), white jeans (similar), grey tank (similar), oui/non tee (similar), striped top (similar), navy sweater (similar), denim jacket (similar), navy blazer (similar)

top row: double pendant necklace (similar), black flats (similar), camel leather tote (similar), nude pointed toe shoes (similar), sunglasses (similar), printed tote (similar), sandals (similar)

middle row: fringe scarf (similar), cuff bracelet (similar), black shoes (similar), tortoise clutch (similar), nude pointed toe shoes (similar), necklace (similar), sandals (similar)

bottom row: bucket bag (similar), nude ankle strap sandals (similar), black cross body bag (similar), sneakers (similar or similar), scarf (similar), earrings (similar), black flats (similar)

see you around...


  1. That's awesome. I need to learn the art of mixing and matching to create multiple outfits. I travel a few times a year and always over pack. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Love this post! So much inspiration. Thank you!


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