Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to basics for 2014!

After tracking and reviewing my purchases like a hawk for a full year (seen here) I realized a few very obvious trends.  I get more wear out of the basics and classics than the trendy pieces and I hate to say it... but the "boring" pieces often end up the stars and the "have to have it" pieces get worn here and there but mostly get lost in the shuffle.  Is that surprising to you? It is a little surprising to me.  But then again, if I truly truly asked myself if I would love a "have to have it" piece in a year from now I would take a safe bet and say 50-50.  It's a tricky situation.

We all want our wardrobes to be fun and exciting and a true reflection of ourselves... but often if we are honest the navy blazer we wear day in and day out make our style more than the flash in the pan trendy top we wear once a month or less.  As I enter into 2014 I want to continue to make these basics the star of the show.  But I also want to reach the delicate balance of keeping my style fresh and "me" while depending on "boring" pieces.  Does that make sense?

There is something about a beautiful and classic piece that leaves it's ego at the door.  Do they need to be flashy and self important in order to reflect our true selves and deepest desires?  The classics/boring pieces tend to be the more complex and nuanced pieces that let our true self shine through.

So as I think about how I want to spend my shopping budget in 2014.  "Boring" is one of the first things to come to mind.  Of course, "boring" in the best possible way while never taking it all too seriously.  What are your thoughts? Should we start a "boring clothes revolution"? How do you reach the balance of trends vs. classics? I would love to hear!

see you around...

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