Tuesday, January 7, 2014

back to basics 2014: get the look!

Yesterday's post really struck a nerve with many of you. I was actually a little hesitant about writing it because I thought to myself "who wants boring clothes?" "who will read this blog if it's boring?" But what it ultimately comes down to is not really "boring."  It's really about finding the beauty in simple clothes and really letting ourselves shine through our clothes instead of the other way around.

Getting back to basics surely doesn't involve rules and a stagnant wardrobe, but instead offers us the ability to pass up the trends and flashy pieces (if we so choose) with confidence. Or maybe not even passing them up entirely, but finding the perfect balance of them in our wardrobe.  A tiny bit of trend and a lot of classic.  That is how I hope to move forward into 2014 with my monthly shopping budget.

Today I thought I would whip up a few examples of some great basic but beautiful looks to get us all inspired!  Less is more with a lot of these looks and while part of me was tempted to add more layers, more accessories, more, more! I really tried to simplify style here and make them great looks for everyday that are no fuss, but still really beautiful.

(above: denim jacket, dress - on sale!, purse, boots - on sale!, necklace)

(above: sunglasses, black jeans, sweater - on sale!, trench, flats - on sale!)

(above: skinny jeans, grey top - on sale!, coat, earrings, shoes)

see you around...

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