Thursday, December 5, 2013

my everyday style: scarves and layers for days!

Layers and scarves and scarves and layers. I already sound like a broken record and it's only the first week in December. But onward and upward we go... this is the new MO for now. Who's with me?

Since we have to get used to all these layers for now I am trying to have fun with new combinations that I haven't tried before. And if you even believe it there are some days I am still trying to avoid wearing a winter coat - like with this outfit below.  I often get comments from gals that live further south than me in here in Michigan saying "I wish you had outfits that I could relate to during warm winters". I totally get that (and am jealous of your warm winters), but the facts are that I live in Michigan. It's cold here. I have to dress for it properly.  But the funny thing is I also get emails from gals that live in Michigan or other cold climates that say "how can you wear only that in this weather, aren't you freezing?" like I'm not dressing warm enough either at times. A blogger can't win. But I will say I am much more likely to keep the flats on until the snow flies (and sometimes after) or do a few extra layers to avoid a winter coat if I want the outfit to look a certain way. I am a quirky slave to fashion ladies.  I admit it.

Scarf, H&M (c/o) - similar
White Tee, J.Crew - similar
Vest, Old Navy (c/o) - similar
Boyfriend Jeans, Gap
Flats, Madewell
Bag, Sole Society

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