Monday, October 7, 2013

how to dress for business casual office environments!

Today I've got a few tips and tricks on how to dress for business casual or business smart office environments.  And I really hope a lot of you stylish gals will benefit from these tips!

I have always thought that business casual and business smart can be the most challenging outfits to put together.  This is the thing: you want to look and feel great, but often the lines are blurred between is this appropriate? ... is this my style? ... is this still practical? Often times business casual involves trousers and skirts (even on days when you aren't in the mood for either) and also needs a certain polished look that can still be casual, but not too casual.  So the whole process can be confusing and maddening at times!

Here I pulled together three little tips and formulas on how to effortlessly pull together work appropriate outfits!

My first tip is to go monochromatic... it's bold and (shhh! don't tell) super easy to pull together.  This grey on grey look is gorgeous and elegant all just using closet basics!

Tip two is all about neutrals... one neutral can be boring... but layers and layers of neutrals can be classy and stylish. Here I layered lots of black and white with a simple pair of stretchy trousers for a simple but pulled together look.
(above: trousers, top, blazer, tote, ring, shoes)

For this last look I featured a fun pop of color.  To integrate color effortlessly in your business casual wardrobe simply pair with black and more neutrals like these gorgeous shoes.  It's easy and fun and definitely shows your personality!
(above: trousers, top, necklace, bag, shoes)

What other business casual/business smart styling tips do you have? I would love to hear them and your thoughts on these looks - how would they work in your office (if you work in one)?

see you around...

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