Friday, April 12, 2013

this weekend!

The weekend is here, the first week back to the grind after Spring Break went surprisingly quickly and for that I am thankful! I always love a vacation, but I love it just as much to get back to work and a routine once I return. There is something so soothing to me about a routine and work is just fun - so I miss it when I am on vacation!

This weekend is supposed to be terribly cold and rainy (with a chance of snow even - eep!) so I will be daydreaming of sunny days and flowers blooming and bees buzzing.  I would totally rock this outfit for a sunny Saturday spent visiting the farmers market, reading in the backyard and then an impromptu date. This little swing dress is just that amazing that it would be perfect for all three of those activities. Don't you think?

While I am bundling up for a busy soccer-mom weekend (we only have 5 games these next three days, yes, five, we are nuts!) I'll be dreaming of this outfit... and if you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm, take a chance on a little black dress, why don't you?

(get the look: dress - it's UNDER $30 too, bonus!, necklace, bag, sandals, lips)

And just because... here are a few links I loved this week:

- I've been not so great about going to the gym lately (blah!) but I did this quick exercise the other day and it was really GOOD and it only took 10 minutes. Bonus: I talked my kids into doing it with me and they thought it was a blast, working out is more fun with some buddies!

- Have you ever tried this for blemishes? It looks a little weird but the reviews say it works great. I'm thinking of buying it.

- I want to redecorate every room in my house (which is nothing new, it's an addiction!) and this dining room is my dream come true! (too bad my whole first floor is about as big as this room, I need to scale back my plans I think!)

Have an amazing weekend!!!

p.s. linking up with the fabulous Friday Fancies today!

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