Friday, April 12, 2013

3 tips for amazing photos for style bloggers!

I have been re-working a few of the behind the scenes things here on the blog. Some of you may have noticed, but most of you probably haven't so I thought I would fill you all in.  Once upon a time I wrote a number of successful e-books.  But it's hard to believe that they are now quite out dated. It always amazes me how time flies... you too?  Instead of updating them and offering them as downloads again I thought I would instead update them in more of an infographic-type layout for ease of use. Who wants to download stuff when they can just pin it to their Pinterest account instead... am I right?

The first one I am working on is the 3 Tips for Amazing Photos for Style Bloggers. This used to be a free download and it's one I am super passionate about. When I first started taking pictures of my outfits I was CLUELESS, so these are my beginners tips that I hope help you!  (Also, these tips works just as well for taking pictures of your kids too... I use the same techniques for our yearly Christmas photo of the kids and photos of them for our gallery wall too!)

Please also let me know if you have any questions about any of these tips or photos in general in the comments.  I'm no pro, but I can tell you what works for me and my husband (he does the snapping and I do the editing!).

I hope you enjoy these tips!

On another note, look for a new and updated version of my very popular '50 Things Every Woman Should Own' soon - this was another e-book that I will updating into a visual as well.  The very informative 'Blogging Bits' e-book is still in limbo. I would love to update it in a meaningful and useful way for my readers (this was an e-book with blogging tips).  I would love to hear your feedback, what is the best way for me to bring you gals blogging tips on a regular basis? More 5 Tips type posts or something else? Speak up, I'd love to hear!

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